Alberto's Pizza

Alberto’s Pizza proudly started as a small-time pizza store in Cebu City near the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. To stand above the rest of the competition, the founders of Alberto’s Pizza wanted their products to be as affordable as they can be without hurting the quality and freshness of their pizzas.

Alberto’s only focused on deliveries and take-outs due to the limited space available but after several months, word spread out very quickly and they were getting more and more orders from doctors, nurses, interns, and even patients! Different people from all walks of life began to discover this hidden gem of a pizza parlor and they all can’t get enough of Alberto’s Pizza’s delicious menu.

Alberto's Pizza Menu

The House Specialty and All-Time Favorites set which include Full-House, Chizzo Trip, Royal Flush, Hawaiian, Beef n’ Mushroom, Meaty Royale, Loaded Pepperoni, Pizza Supreme, and more. Well, you can also explore some of their unique and tasty flavors such as the Oreo Piña, Chocomallow, and Cookies n’ Cheese.
Alberto’s Pizza come in two sizes: 9 inches and 11 inches but they’re available in so many different flavors!
Their all time delicious pizza can also partner with Alberto’s set of tasty and refreshing beverages that are absolutely perfect to finish off your dining experience. Choose from Fruit Shakes, Ice Cream, Halo-Halo Espesyal, Choco Shake, Ice Cream Sundae, and many many more.

We Also Serve

Alberto's Pizza: Fruit Shakes

Freshness You Can Taste! Order a shake today!

Alberto's Pizza: Halo-Halo Special

It's a beautiful day for dessert!

Alberto's Pizza: Ice Cream Sundae

It’s always ice cream time!

Alberto's Pizza: Choco Shakes

Shake up your day! With these chocolateeeeeey flavour shakes.

Alberto's Pizza: Calamansi Shake

Rich in nutrition, a pitch to have our calamansi juice!

Alberto's Pizza: Cucumber Juice

When you feel unhealthy just have one sip of our cucumber juice!

Do you love something cheesy?

Try our mouth watering flavourful pizza! Once tasted you’ll keep coming back for more.

Want something Hot and Spicy?

For those who have a strong taste try the different flavours of hotness and spiciness of our pizza.

Pizza for your beloved kids!

Is your kids being a good kids? Give them some pizza!

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